Hunt Hints

The Hunt Hints

#001 – Baskiat’s spirit  has stolen my pencil. (submitted by store)

#002 – “When you are bad, you stand in a corner” (submitted by hunters)

#005 – i have a hutch i have been lost. (submitted by store)

#009 – “i am not really hidden, and i am not really with the girls” (submitted by store)

#018 –  “Hold on to your drawers when you shop for a pencil” (submitted by store)

#029 – Good Vibe Cafe – Have a suggestion?  Let us know. (submitted by store)

#035 – Amongst the things you climb. (submitted by store)

#045 – I am hanging in the store with the birthday cakes.  Another resolution–Eat more cake in 2010!! (submitted by store)

#069 – “Grrr This LIttle Pencil has “Torn” my Paper” (submitted by store)

#072 – take a seat on a wicker chair , this pencil has an envelope addressed to you…. (submitted by store)

#073 – this pencil is being protected by the Dark Goddess

#082I seem to have lost Both of my pencils in SR Kitty’s Store a little kitty has given me 2 hints in finding them, hope they help: (submitted by store)
  • #1 After working so hard making a new store I layed back on the Bobtail playhouse to make a list of the up of whats coming next here in SR Kitty’s…
  • #2 Making a list of the great new colors of Neko Tails I must have layed my pencil down some where close to them, where could it be.

#090 – “Let a torch guide your way.” (submitted by store)

#099 – “I am between the fire & the light” (submitted by store)

#101 – Rooke’s Nest – Teenage angst with a pencil. (submitted by store)

#103 – mmmm… candy! (submitted by store)
  • 1 of 2 -I like being warm
  • 2 of 2 – He has tons of ideas & uses me to give expression to them

#110 – To find a New Year’s resolution enter the house made of gingerbread and candy. Look for a golden haired girl with 3 grizzly friends that don’t look so dandy. Search in a drawer for a pencil that I’m sure will come in handy. (submitted by store)

#112 – Where is the pencil…. maybe on the table by my filofax……… (submitted by store)

#118 – “where’s my pen ? where’s my pen ??? …. I wonder if I was not writing something about kitty….” (submitted by store)

#130 – With the eraser side down, I sit near a hat that is brown. (submitted by store)

#131 – When i sit on my place, i can kick it with my leg. (submitted by store)
#136 – Main Street Shopping, Portside – Use the teleporter to get around the sim. (submitted by store)
#161 – Sewriginal Fabrics – Like our fabrics? Please vote for our store. (submitted by store)
#171 – Main Street Shopping & Mini Mall – Oh those hedges!! (submitted by store)

#173 – Write your name on it so we can add you to our Group. (submitted by store)

#175 – My resolution is to take the time to smell the roses, well at least the ones in the greenhouse 🙂 (submitted by store)

#181 – Good Vibe Flea Market – Woo Hoo!!  It’s all free!!  (submitted by store)

#185 – I was drinking a hot coffee and lost my pen. (submitted by store)
# 195 – Made by .. : Even a pencil needs a shelter in this cold winter!

#202Whip it good. (submitted by store)

#207 – look to the east…. as you find ways to get elevated. (submitted by store)

#209Lucky chairs, lucky you. (submitted by store)

#210 – Audri’s Fashions – What a lovely view. (submitted by store)

#212 – I might be toxic when the hunt is over… (submitted by store)

#216 – I”ve lost my pencil, better look for my inkpot and quill … (submitted by store)

#217 – Hint “I didn’t know Santa Smokes” (submitted by store)

#220 – Cosmos Lounge – Care for a drink?  (submitted by store)

#232 – The Colony – Does this teleporter work?  (submitted by store)

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