In this section we will be publishing the most frequently asked questions to help reduce answering the same questions over and over. Please go through them, you might find the answer to your question. If you do not find it, feel free to ask here or drop me a note in-world. Thank you. 

  • Q – When is the hunt starting?
    • A – The hunt starts January 1st and ends on January 31st, 2010.
  • Q – Can I sell my hunt gift after the hunt is over?
    • A – Yes. You can sell your hunt gift after the hunt is over.
  • Q – When do I need to place the hunt poster in my store?
    • A – All posters must be in place a month prior to the beginning of the hunt. That means that by December 1st, 2009, all participating stores need to have placed their hunt poster in their stores.
  • Q – What is I want to place it out sooner?
    • A – Even better! That helps advertise the hunt to hunters!
  • Q – Do I have to have two gifts?
    • A – Unless you have a unisex gift, then yes, we require two gifts: one for men and one for women. If for any reason you cannot do a unisex gift and can only do one of the two sexes, send me a note card so I can add a note to your store for hunters.
  • Q – What is the hunt item?
    • A – The hunt item is a YELLOW PENCIL. Please pack your gifts separately indicating “for women” or “for men”. If your gift is unisex, just add the “unisex” word to the package. This way it will be easier for hunters to identify their designed gift.
  • Q – Is there a theme to the gifts of this hunt?
    • A – No. I believe that creativity should run freely, so I will not restrict your ideas for this hunt gift. However, we do REQUIRE quality gifts, no freebies or reused gifts from other hunts. That is cheating the hunter and they will remember you by that. I actually read a blog where they mentioned this about a store. I personally wouldn’t want to be recorded in a blog as a gift recycler. Do you?
  • Q – What if I have two store locations in the hunt? Does that mean I need to do 4 gifts?
    • A – Yes. That means you need to do 4 different gifts, 2 if unisex. If you cannot, please drop one of the locations by sending me a note.
  • Q – Will there be a hunt poster walk through?
    • A – Yes, but we will not say when. 😉 We will start dropping by stores anytime starting on December 1st, 2009 and checking for posters.   This is why all stores should be ready by that date. This means that at any given day or time, we can give your store a surprise visit.
  • Q – When do we have to have our hunt item out?
    • A – We recommend having it out, by the poster 5 days prior to the final walkthrough. The final walk through will take place on December 27th, 2009. The Hunt item must be placed (unavailable to buy) by December 27, 2009. Any store that does not have their hunt item placed by this date will be disqualified.
  • Q – Why would the store be disqualified if not ready?
    • A – Because there isn’t anything worse for hunters to start a hunt and spend time in a store that does not have their hunt item ready. If a store owner cannot comply with dates, how can we be sure that they will for the actual hunt? Our goal is to run a smooth hunt with no changes or alterations once it has started.
  • Q – What if real life comes between the dates?
    • A – If you will have any problems with the dates because of real life issues, drop me a note so I am aware of it. If you think that real life will prevent you from complying with the actual hunt dates, please let me know and either set it all before hand or drop out of the hunt before it starts.
  • Q – When do we set our hunt item in “buy” mode and hidden?
    • A – All hunt items should be set to “buy” for “L$0” and hidden by December 31st, 2009. I know it is a tough date, but that won’t take you more than five minutes.  🙂
  • Q – What if I need to move my store location?
    • A – Store location moves are accepted up to December 15th, 2009. After this date, any store movement or changes to LM’s will mean disqualification from the hunt. Make sure that you will remain in your location during the hunt time period.
  • Q – What if I need to move my store once the hunt has started?
    • A – Unfortunately, your store will be removed from the hunt.
  • Q – What if I want to drop out from the hunt?
    • A – You can drop from the hunt prior to December 15th, 2009. Failure to withdraw from the hunt by this date will mean that your store is participating and gifts will need to be ready for hunters.
  • Q – Is there a penalty for disqualifications?
    • A – Unfortunately, yes. If I need to disqualify your store from the hunt, it means that in any future hunts your store will not be accepted to participate. We need to be responsible with the decisions we make, including participation in hunts and complying with due dates and rules.
  • Q – Wow, your hunt does have strict rules.
    • A – Yes. It does and we will make sure that they are followed. I have been in hunts that have simply been a headache to be in. It turns confusing for store owners and hunters. They leave a bad taste. Like I have said before, the goal is to run a smooth and uneventful hunt.
  • Q – When will store numbers be assigned?
    • A – Store numbers will be sorted out randomly and given out by December 1st, 2009.

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